Working as a Chicago Phone Girl

Hello everyone,

It’s been a crazy week here in Chi-town and your favorite phone girl is here to recap the insanity of this last week. I work at Escorts Chicago most days. This week I was off all weekend, just because.  I planned to spend the week messing around Chicago and visiting the zoo or museum. I wanted to just explore around and have quiet evenings at home to regroup myself.

I am very good working with all the escort girls at my agency and have very few problems. I prefer drama-free. My clients are all super respectful. They all call well in advance to book their dates. The girls are happy, the guys are good, and my day is easy. The appointment gets booked, the girl checks in, then out, and there you go. Maybe a few phone calls or texts, just to ensure all is perfect, but very easy and painless for me.

So this week I get a call from an “independent escort” who asks me if I can book her appointments. I was not going to accept this offer as this is another world of chaos, and remember, I like drama free. She kinda pleads her case and I agree to do it just for 1 day up until midnight. I need my sleep and don’t want to mess around all night with this. She was in serious need of fast cash so she cut her rates well below what any decent agency would charge. She thought this would guarantee her a lot more business.

Whatever, I agree, for a fee of course.

I never saw such a mess of cheap, lying, low-balling, trash-talking, inconsiderate men in all my years booking appointments.  She ran ads on Backpage and Room Service and let me tell you, I was horrified. The phones rang for with requests for her but most wanted to negotiate price. Not with me, and seriously, it’s already chopped in half.

The guys who did book an appointment, called me at least 5-10 times before they committed to spending their $300.00. It was like their last few bucks before dying.

Finally, when they did book an appointment, one loser canceled his 2-hour appointment 5 minutes before he was due to show up!  He told me he found a “better deal” a porn star and her friend charging $250.00 each!  I cussed him out.  Apparently, he is well-known to do this and is some needy, clingy mama’s boy who annoyed all the girls.

The next client showed up on time for his booking. He, however, produced a check when paying! I mean really? She went a little crazy on him and threw his butt out. He knew I said Cash Only!

The next guy, oh yes there is more.  He shows up with only $240.00!  I have never dealt with such stupid, ignorant fools in all my booking days. He stayed for 30 minutes.

I can tell more, but my head is hurting from having to relive this nightmare.

The moral of the story – independent girls need to work with the agencies. The agencies are the best place to be. The guys are decent and most are very high-end businessmen. Why any girl would or could suffer through this I have to ask myself.  It was not fun, for me or her and she would have made better money with us. Guess what?  She will, next time she visits!  LOL