Why It’s Easy To Pay Call Girls With Cash

Call Girls and Cash

Oh lord help me when I have to deal with clients who can’t decide how to pay, cash or credit card.  I pretty much hear everything.  It seems the guys who are so crazed about discretion, usually end up paying with their credit card.  I really do my best to talk them out of it and tell them cash is the best option.  I mean do strippers in clubs let you throw checks at them? No, of course not.  Why then, if you have any concern for privacy are you not prepared and have already gone to your bank and have finances in order?  Since I have been answering phones now most of my adult life nothing surprises me.  It still shocks me how downright stupid some of you men can be. You want complete discretion. Then don’t use your credit card.  As careful as we are, it’s amount to giving your credit card.  Cash my dear is clean, better and a wiser choice.

The Governor’s Call Girls

Now, our dear old friend and former Governor of New York, (a millionaire to boot) paid his escort fees with a bank transfer!  A BANK TRANSFER!  How in God’s name did he think he could get away with this?  I mean it’s not like he was short on cash, really.  If he had only paid his bill in cash his career as Governor would never have ended, nor his marriage, nor his reputation, and many friendships. This was really the ultimate in sheer stupidity and arrogance. He really thought he was indispensable. Little did he know. Rumor has it he’s still causing a trouble in New York. So the moral of this blog- pay your fees in cash guys and you won’t end up like the former Governor.  Plus, the escorts all prefer cash anyway. Who wants to wait for their money?