Why High-End Escorts Say Mystery Is Good


Why High-End Escorts Say Mystery Is Good

“We don’t like attention,” says Terri who’s been knocking down north of six figures annually for over three years now.

Even at the high-end, the top girls are willing to do more for less.

“In the last year I see more and more clients in their 20s, but I prefer older clients,” Terri adds.

“Young guys act stupid with lines like, ‘Can I get a discount because I’m good looking?’” Really!

But for the most part, surviving and thriving life in the high-class escort business is about taking care of yourself. Save and invest the money you get from it. That’s the best advice I can give. While it can be very lucrative, is only for a short time. It will end sooner than you think.

“I was nervous when I first started, but guys love the young, fresh look. I just concentrated on having a good time with my date, and everything else took care of itself. I can be very entertaining when I leave my personal life at the door.”