When a Heat Wave Hits Chicago

Chicagoans Suffer More

When a heat wave hits Chicagoan’s actually suffer more than people in Georgia.

Why? Because not only are southerners used to the heat, they also know what to do when it’s hot out there. Stay indoors as much as possible. Find shade. Wear loose clothing and drink plenty of fluids. When the temperature rises outside so does your body temperature. You need to cool down.

Perspiration helps release some body heat. Too much sweating can lead to dehydration. And that causes headaches, irritability, and tiredness. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. Get out of the bathroom right after your shower. Dry yourself and your hair in another room that is not hot and steamy. Shave before you shower. Keep your skin care products in the refrigerator. Up the ante on your deodorant. You can put some on the bottom of your feet to keep them from sweating excessively.

Try This

Also, powder is not just for girls. It can save a lot of uncomfortable stickiness on your skin. Lots of good ones out there and you can get them at Walmart. Wear light-colored clothing and cotton. Cotton wicks sweat away from the body. If you sweat a lot choose a shirt with a pattern rather than a solid. It will lessen the appearance of sweat on the shirt. When you start to get too hot.Try putting your hands under cool running water. A little cool water on a paper towel placed on the back of your neck helps cool you down as well. Eat in smaller quantities throughout the day. Try and stay away from alcohol, salt, and caffeine. Hard to do but it sure makes a difference during a heat wave.

Get An Air Conditioner If You Don’t Have One

I saw a gentleman with two battery operated fans on the dashboard of his car. He said he turned them on while he was waiting for his air conditioner to kick in. Clever.

Several of the escorts have come into the office with the handheld fans. They are really handy. If you have long hair be careful.

Do not forget to keep drinking water throughout the day. More than you normally drink. You are losing more liquid than you think through sweating.

If you do not have air conditioning, either get one or move!