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Things To Never Say To A Woman

Here’s a List That The Girls Mostly Agree On


Do not dis her guy friends.

These are her pals. They have known her a lot longer than you have. It’s very insecure. No one likes insecure.


Do not dis her girlfriends.

Same as above. Plus she will tell them everything you said. It could come back and bite you in the butt.


How many men have you slept with?

Whoa Tonto. Not yet. That is a discussion for later and best she bring it up. Sounds like you are nosy or just want to get into her pants asap.


“Do you like me?”

Another huge insecure signal. If you can’t tell right away just wait. All will be revealed.


“What do you want to do tonight?”

Have a plan. Things can change. But no one lives indecisive. Show her a good time. Do your homework and find out what she likes to do.


“Do you want to go out with me again?”

Another massive statement of insecurity. Take charge, be a leader. Tell her you will call her about getting together again.


Do not say anything about your car, job, boat or house that sounds like are trying to impress her.

OK you might be able to work the boat in there. But nobody likes a braggart. And if a woman just finds your possessions attractive you are in for big trouble. Plus most gals think guys who brag have nothing else to offer and that is why they are bragging.


Don’t hint at things in the future.

If during the course of a first date you are talking about all the things you will do with her in the future it can get creepy. Plus you do not want to be too easy. And on top of all of that if she turns out to be “not for you”. You will have caused some hard feelings. NOW unless you have season tickets to the Bears and its football season. AND she is a big fan. You can make that plan.


“Can I kiss you?

Don’t ask just kiss. Take charge. If she does not want to lock lips she will back off. Woman hate baby boys.


Do not talk about ex’s.

This needs no explanation.




In any relationship with a woman. New or old.


If you do not understand some of these you could be doomed. If you have to ask a buddy or a woman you are double doomed.  If you still do not understand the why of some of these you might think about taking your left or right hand. Holding it behind your head and giving yourself a good whack.


  • “You look tired. Are you feeling OK?”  You have got to be kidding me. You don’t think that she knows she looks tired. AND what if she is not tired but just has less makeup on than you are used to.
  • “You’re not as stupid as you look”  Even in jest this is never a good idea. This one should only be used by a parent to a teenager.
  • “Are you really going to eat all of that?”  Food is emotional for a lot of women. Do not mess in this. Just keep your mouth shut and smile. Do not even mention a healthy appetite.
  • Bitch.  Not a word to ever be used in reference to a woman. You can say I have had a bitch of a day. But never ever in a female context.
  • The “C” word. No No No.  Not a good idea ever.
  • “You always do that” No she doesn’t. She might do it a lot but not “always”. While you are at it you might as well remove “never” from this as well. “You never want to do anything fun”
  • “You sound just like your Mother” You do not know her Mother as well as she does and that could mean all sorts of scary shit. Just don’t go there.
  • “You sound just like my Mother” This just brings up thoughts of negative things for a woman. Even if you’re Mother is a saint.
  • “What did you do to your hair?”  Even if she just came out of a wind tunnel. Or it looks like Cameron Diaz in that scene from What’s About Mary. Do not comment. Her hair is her crowning glory. If it looks crappy once and a while just remain quiet.
  • “Boy is she hot” Not in public and not in private. Even if she asks you. Do not use the word HOT. If she does ask try and find a flaw in that particular woman and comment on it. She will love you for it. Of course do not go overboard.
  • “I told you so” This one needs no explanation at all.  Bite your tongue till it bleeds but keep it to yourself. You will be glad you did.
  • Calm down” Whoa. Break out the Kevlar. Just pull the pin on the grenade. Even if she is not pissed for something you said. Let her have her moment.
  • Do you need help parking the car?” Unless she asks for help. Zip it. She has been driving for years. It’s not like you can do everything perfectly. Just go with the flow.
  • “Do you have PMS?”  If you have to ask you are too stupid to live.
  • “Why do you spend so much on beauty products?”  You want a woman to look good, have soft skin, smell nice and not have bushy eyebrows. This all takes time and money. Yes woman are more susceptible to the whole ad stuff. And some of those face creams are really expensive. But maybe you should think about one or two for yourself.
  • “Why do you have so many pictures of yourself on FB or Instagram?” It’s the same reason woman have so many pairs of shoes and men have . You can ask someone else for help with this one if you want.
  • “Am I good or what?” You have got to be kidding. But alas some are not. If you have to ask you are in big trouble.
  • “You look better without makeup. I prefer the natural look Then go find nature girl. Maybe you will get lucky and she will be so natural she will not shave her armpits or legs. Get real. Women wear makeup for themselves. And almost if not all look better with it on.
  • “Is that what you are wearing? Duck and run.
  • “Why are you acting so sensitive?”  Because she is sensitive. Most men are not and have no idea. Get over it. Leave it be.

All the women in this escort agency agree on these.