Ramblings of an Escort Chicago Girl


Liz challenged this escort Chicago girl to write a blog. Well, it’s cold and snowy outside. I am bored and starting to write.

Things that make me crazy

Someone should invent a sarcasm font that we can all share. Since so much communication today is done via email or text. I love responding sarcastically to a very dumb post or email. But the other person is unaware of my sarcasm because they can’t see my eyes rolling.

    • At a party, the other night and I realized some of my best stories came from some very abysmal decisions occasionally fueled by alcohol.
    • I was peeved one-day last week because I could not catch a single red light so I could finish my text. That never happens.
    • Is anyone noticing how dumb kids are getting nowadays? Or is it just me?
    • Did you know you can hurt your arms by carrying ten plastic bags on each? Why can’t I make two trips to the car to get the groceries? I know I will do it again next week. And suffer the raw skin on my forearms.

Just a few more thoughts …

    • OK to Maps for letting you eliminate the first few sets of directions. Since I do know how to drive out my parking structure all by myself. Then go all the way to the expressway.
    • I just wasted an hour putting on makeup and getting all dressed up. I went out and did not see a single person I knew. Could have gone out all natural and in yoga pants. Maybe even sans underwear.
    • Why does this always happen to me? Someone calls my cell, and I am unable to yank it out of my bra fast enough. I call them right back. The phone rings and rings and I get voice mail. Who for goodness sakes makes a phone call and immediately runs away from the phone
    • Maps peeves again. There should be an app for avoiding unsafe and dangerous areas. The pizza delivery guys have those areas noted. So do cab drivers. Just a request from an escort Chicago girl so I can stay safe
    • Make sure you give your best friend the passwords to your device with the porn on it. In the event of your death, they can erase all of it and your relatives do not have to think about what they saw on your PC.