High-Class Escorts vs Regular Escorts


5 Reasons High-Class Escort Rates Are Higher Than Other Escorts

Is It Worth It?

Level of Service is one of the most important factors. An Escort who is not in this category will start quickly and you will know it – from the moment you meet. She will want to leave as soon as she can. It hangs in the air – in her words, in her body language – “I can’t wait to get outta here.”, or “I wish he’d stop talking about his divorce so I can finish and leave.” A High-Class Escort will take her time – flirting, kissing and talking. In the business, it is a GFE (Girl Friend Experience). Like the best moments with a girlfriend you ever had. You should feel like that in her presence. Her goal is equal parts companionship and pleasure.

 Dress & Makeup

A regular escort will come in whatever she deems comfortable for her at the moment. A High-End Escort will dress fit for a night on the town – as she would for a special date – her hair and makeup perfect. She will even take special dress requests.

 Once A Night

A regular escort will take as many bookings as she can in any given day. A High-Class Escort books only once a night, and only 2 or 3 times a week.

 Open-Minded & Dedicated to Making You Happy

A regular escort says the word NO quite often. She is there to get your money and get out. A High-Class Escort is more open minded and dedicated to making you happy.

You Get What You Pay For

As in everything else – especially in personal adult services – you get what you pay for. The fantasy of your dream date showing up for $300 is just that – a fantasy. It does not exist – or if it did, do you really want to keep throwing money at it, looking/hoping for something that, in all likelihood, simply isn’t out there. If you have decided to spend money to create an unforgettable encounter with a remarkable young woman, your best bet – and the one that will save you time, money, and the all-too-frequent disappointment when that door opens is to deal with an established agency. Let them work to find what you are looking for, let them accurately describe what you can expect. The young lady will arrive promptly – at the time agreed – all at a fair and equitable rate (no additional charges) that fits the memorable experience you are about to have.

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