Escorts Chicago Closing Out 2016

Escorts Chicago Closing Out 2016All of us here at the best Escort Agency in Chicago are happy and sad at the same time to say goodbye to 2016. It was a great year for us. We have made great work relationships.  All of us here have become good girlfriends. Girls met each other on dates. Some become good buddies. Everyone is super friendly to each other. All the girls have been so pleasant and willing to help out when needed. All the escorts stayed up extra late on a lot of evenings. Many dates lasted more hours than scheduled. Most escorts also drove a bit further to accommodate a client. These beautiful girls are just great and I appreciate them all!

Our clients have all been totally loyal. We have had nothing but great compliments and tons of repeat dates. Our clients have been calling us for many years here. Some come from Europe and every year ring us up for dates. Since we have had so many successful years in Chicago, why would they ever leave us? They never would.

It’s been a long year with freezing cold snowy weather and hot sunny days. We opened in rain and shine. 2016 was just a year of many surprises. We did loose many beloved musicians, artists, performers. There were innocent accident victims, and many tragic events took lives.

It will be a new beginning and we are happy and excited to start our new journey to 2017.

We have hope and love for our country and a new president.  We pray for peace and kindness.

Goodbye 2016. It was a good year!

God Bless,