Escort Chicago and Rates

escorts-chicago-and-ratesOur favorite line here at Escorts Chicago is :

[quote]Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.[/quote]

This is our company motto and our pledge over 25 years in business.

This week I would like to discuss our “Rates”. I cleaned up the Rates page this week to make is easy to read. The models all have different rates. Rates are based on a number of things.

  1.  Looks
  2.  Figure
  3.  Attitude
  4.  Intelligence
  5.  Excellent Customer Service
  6.  Good Reviews thru our site (not public reviews)

Not all girls can be 100% in each area, but some come pretty close.

Price is reflected in this. Each of our Chicago escorts has an hourly-rate. Sometimes rates can be $100.00 higher if the appointment is far outside the city and drive time is long. Drive times over 30 minutes each way are considered standard.

We have 3 price categories:

Models are on the younger side (21-24). These girls are less experienced, and are young, with great figures.

Centerfolds are our most popular category. These girls really can work their stuff! These escorts are always GFE, super friendly and aim to please. They never rush, spend all their time on you and make you feel like a Million.

Gold Star is your knock-your-socks-off category. There are only 3 escorts on Escorts Chicago who fall in this category. These escorts are stunners. They are drop-dead pretty. They are slim with model figures. They are true courtesans and know how to satisfy a man. When a man meets with Gold Star lady he got his money’s worth. These escorts know how to rock a man.

There are 3 keys to a successful appointment and great GFE experience:

  1. The girl shows up on time
  2. The girl is who you were expecting
  3. There is never an Up-Charge

This is what Escorts Chicago offers that sets us apart from all other services.