Covid & Dating 2022 - Escorts Chicago

Covid & Dating 2022

Since Covid broke in 2020, life certainly has thrown us many curveballs. With that said, Americans have been living on a continuous nonstop roller coaster that is going fast! All travel holidays weddings graduations and even funerals were put off till later dates. CDC information and lock downs change daily. It seemed like we ran in circles, constantly chasing our tails,trying to sort out Covid, this new normal. News outlets pushed information on us that left most of us scratching our heads.

So where are we 2 years later you may ask?

Well, to sum it up in short, here at Escorts Chicago, we are ready for positive changes and moving forward. Good things are happening and we are all super excited.

When the lockdown started our agency closed for several months. Lucky for us, everyone here is young , under 30 years old, so we had zero issues with the Covid virus.

Once the vaccines came out, all of our clients who wanted our services were asked to be vaccinated. Within six months all of our models were fully vaccinated as well.

Dating was a challenge in Chicago. Hotels and many restaurants were closed, and many had very tight curfews put in place. Bars were empty and the town slowed down and felt dreary.

However, let’s move ahead to 2022 and a bright future. The city is coming alive again and businesses have reopened. Life is looking bright. Models are traveling back to Chicago on a regular basis finally. Business travel has also picked back up and hotels are filling up again. Yahoo 2022 looks good!

At Escorts Chicago we have missed many of our regular clients who frequented Chicagoland. We are starting to hear from everyone again. Praise the Lord, all are in good health. Life seems to be getting back to normal.

After 25 years Escorts Chicago has seen many world events, but Covid 2020 was for sure like nothing we could have ever imagined. However, we are still here in Chicago, and everyone is super happy and feeling good and eager to enjoy life again.