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      Conspiracy Theories


I just read an article prompted by the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. The author said it was time to not only abandon that particular conspiracy theory but end them all together. No! You can’t even suggest the end of conspiracy theories. They are very amusing. I have been saddened by a few. But for the most, I have enjoyed both the lack of thought that goes into some. Also, the serious thought and research that goes into others. I am not the only escort in Chicago who has taken notice of these.


With everyone connecting to the internet the theories spring up even before all the news media can gather. Usually sparked by some random statement from an irresponsible reporter. Or tweet from who knows where.


Example of not thought out was that the Newton School shooting last year was a fake event made up by the government to gauge first responders response time. That theory came from a Number 3. (Explained later) A Brilliant approach was the movie Conspiracy Theory. Wow, that was well thought out and researched. I almost believed it. The writers of that movie went the extra mile to make everything fit.


Most conspiracy theories are easily spotted. The conclusion is stated long before any of the facts supporting it are even mentioned. Why?  Because the theorist has just drawn the conclusion based on a knee-jerk reaction. He then must get busy bending, inventing and falsifying his version of evidence to fit his end. But some do take on a life of their own because some of the evidence is hard to understand and the conspiracy theory is easier.  OJ, who understood DNA back then? A conspiracy was easier to wrap your head around. Please. Do you think that the number of people that would have been involved in that so-called conspiracy would have been able to keep a secret this long?


It is hard for some to believe that one lone gunman can take out the most powerful man on earth. Or a radical in a cave can coordinate the hijacking of 4 planes and kill almost 3000 people. It’s much easier to believe the big bad shadow government is pulling strings in the background for some strange gain.


There are three categories of conspiracy theorists.


GROUP NUMBER ONE.  This is the most boring of the groups, and everyone knows at least one person who is in this group. He had seen a movie or read a book and whatever was stated is somewhat believable. Usually, he only believes one or two theories.

 Example. The DaVinci Code both book and movie. They said that someone did a rewrite of the Bible for nefarious purposes. The facts stated in the book made sense. If you had no prior knowledge of any of these things.  Also made a good movie. The Catholic Church is a big secret and wealthy group. So they are just as easy to vilify as the government. Or a whole bunch of rich guys who get together once a month to run the world.


GROUP NUMBER TWO.  These guys have no life. They can surf the web during work hours. And spend a little too much time in front of the screen when not at work. They have bookmarked dozens of conspiracy web sites and got notifications of quite a few blogs. Most importantly this group believes that if it’s on the web, it must be true. They have just enough paranoia to overlook facts and not use common sense.


   Example:  2012 a group in Florida sent out a press release and said that they “The Citizens Grand Jury” had indicted Obama and Biden for releasing classified documents. Two paragraphs short and to the point. It, of course, was not picked up by any mainstream media because it was a political stunt. But the conspiracy gang did pick it up. Within days it was on the conspiracy websites. All were waiting with baited breath for the president to be arrested. I did not even try and use logic on this one. I just sent the link to Snopes to my amusing friends.


GROUP NUMBER THREE:  They need meds more than getting a life. I realize that paranoia is a result of fear or anxiety. Some people have a chemical imbalance. But some in this group are just enjoying themselves making out that every accident or coincidence is intentional. Raising a fuss gets them noticed. Having a small following makes them feel important. And most of all they are amusing the hell out of me.


I will not even go into some of the examples of this particular group. Most of it is sad, sick or stupid. A good portion of the articles and rants are hilarious for anyone who has a modicum of common sense. Some people when they are bored cruise porn sites. I have been cruising the conspiracy sites and having a blast.

So keep those conspiracy theories coming because I am dangerous when bored!