Trying To Deal With … I Want A Girl Now!

Well, here at Escorts Chicago, I get a lot of phone calls and emails from guys looking to make dates with my beautiful escorts.  Some guys will call and they tell me  “have the girl here is 20 minutes” !  Are you kidding me?  I mean really?  They must think the girls are sitting downstairs in their cars waiting to run into their arms. Do you guys realize that at some of these Chicago hotels it can take 15 minutes for a Chicago Escort to get up through a series of elevators and find a room? Can I have her here in 20 minutes… it makes me laugh as some of these girls take forever to get out of the house. But 20 minutes is really pushing it.  How about rush hour fellas?  Ever take into account how horrid the Chicago expressway is at rush hour? And downtown Chicago can be a nightmare as well.  It can take you 20 minutes to walk down a block on Michigan Avenue.

Guys, you have to learn to be patient.  Sometimes 30 minutes is possible, if the escort is already in Downtown and ready to roll. I tell everyone the truth as far as time goes. Within the hour is the norm. Come on guys, give me a break, what is an hour?  Why not call in advance?  The problem is with independent girls who don’t show up and agencies that lie. That’s why my clients stick with me here at Escorts Chicago. I tell them the truth and never make them wait longer than needed. Having a pre-arranged booking works great for everyone, and your guaranteed your time.  I don’t have too many “time” issues here, unless the guy is a complete ass!  I had a guy the other evening who told me is she was a minute late he was going to turn my girl away. Needless to say he never got serviced.

We are all doing our best to keep everyone happy, so when you do call for a Chicago Escort, make my day and be patient!