7 Reasons Why Girls Work For An Escort Agency


7 Reasons Why Girls Work For An Escort Agency

Why do girls work for an escort agency and not themselves? There are many independents out there working for themselves. But this is not only unsafe, but it can be a real hassle.

1. An Experienced Escort Agency knows where you are and whom you are with at all times.

The best agencies keep close tabs on their girls, knowing where they are and who they are with every step of the way.

2. Calls Are Screened

Calls are scheduled and thoroughly verified by the agency, avoiding the those “non-bookable” appointments the girls would otherwise have to deal with themselves.

3. Save Time & Hassle

Agency escorts never to have to answer their phones and go through long conversations over and over until they can book an appointment.

4. No Advertising Expenses

Agency escorts don’t have to pay for expensive advertising and websites that don’t work.

5. Work With Experienced Pros

Agency escorts work with professionals who have many years of experience in the business. They know every trick in the book.

6. Many Forms of Payment

Agencies take many forms of payment.