5 Reasons To Use An Agency Escort Versus An Independent Escort


Using a well-reviewed and well-established agency escort is the best way to book an escort. Nearly all problems that might arise, stem from using independents as bait. Use a well-established agency and you are much more likely to avoid any problems.

Choose an agency that has been in business many years. Read through their website for important information on them. These agencies are far more reliable.

Many agencies come and go. You want to know you are safe and in good hands. Meeting the right lady for you is important. Agencies that have been around will do their very best to give you exactly what you want. Independents will be less expensive and pocket the entire fee. And times they will hit you with “up charges”.

This is unfortunate because at this point you are well into your appointment. Canceling is difficult and embarrassing. If you feel a bit taken, ask the escort to leave. Independents also have a history of not showing up or being very late. Agencies work in a far more professional manner.

Escort agencies will be able to meet their client’s needs much better. Lets say you have a potential client you need to impress. Does your potential client have a thing for blondes? You may have a better meeting if you hire a blonde woman who can charm him. There are many advantages to hiring a date through an agency:

  • Agencies are not only more reputable, they are well worth the extra cost.
  • Agencies train their employees.
  • You get the exact type of escort you hoping for.
  • The agency will have many girls at their disposal in case your first choice is not available. An independent will just cancel on you.
  • Agencies will take credit cards, Pay Pal, and bank transfers.Independents want only cash.