Even the Best Escorts Need a Break

I would like to talk this week about the life schedules of Chicago Escorts and our schedules here.  At Escorts Chicago we close on Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, July 4, and Thanksgiving.

So this means we are open 360 days.  This schedule has been written in stone since we opened in 1989.  We are closed and shut down, period.  Its crazy how clients will call like crazy on these days.  We open daily at 10am and close at around 4-5am.  I think we are open more than most banks!  This week was a crazy week as Easter and Passover took place. Kids were all on Spring Break. This means a lot of people go out of town visiting relatives or just vacationing somewhere and having fun. The week was pretty busy for us considering all this craziness. A lot of girls, actually most girls, left town for the holiday but we did have enough girls to cover any appointments that came in.  So we pushed throughout the week and on Easter day we closed. All the girls knew we were closed so they were to go enjoy the holiday and eat.

Finally, a day of no worries.  No pending appointments, no girls getting lost, no girls being late, no girls getting sick, no clients changing appointment times, no heavy breathers bugging us.  One day of peace and quiet and I can stay in bed and watch tv all night with no interruptions and watch an entire show.

So it’s about 6pm, dinner is over and the company has left, and I am plopped on my couch.  As I watch tv if the office phone rings I can see who is calling. Lo and behold the phone is blowing up. Regular clients, new clients, names I know are sprawled across my tv. Good Lord it’s a holiday is everyone so bored? From 6pm-9pm about 25 calls came in. I was a bit shocked as this is new on my tv to see caller id. Whats more shocking is that I personally left a voice message saying we are closed. Still messages were left insisting on an immediate call back.  Well, guess what?  It didn’t happen. I let Easter pass watching my favorite show, feeling fat and bloated from a huge meal, under my warm snuggly blanket and not feeling one bit guilty that our clients were lonely on Easter and had to all fend for themselves.