So just about everyone these days has a Christmas tree in their home, even in Chicago. When living in smaller
apartments, our escorts still put up their Christmas trees. The girls have been telling me how their apartments are decorated. Most have a tree up. Some escorts have gone far beyond that and really went Christmas crazy. Balconies are lit up with Christmas colored lights with trees and can be seen high from the street. Everyone knows it takes a good bit of time to get your tree and decorations just perfect.

Decorating the tree is an enjoyable ritual, but that doesn’t mean this seasonal focal point has to look the same every year. Chicago is beautifully decorated at this time of year. It puts all of us in such good moods and really enhances the Christmas feeling. Getting everything perfect is no easy task.

Here are a few tips to make your tree something special.

  • Bring your tree to life by varying the style and texture of baubles and ornaments when decorating. There’s no reason why shiny smooth baubles can’t be mixed with berry garlands or rustic white decorations
  • Remember to create height and depth by thinking carefully about the placement of your decorations and vary hanging positions. Ornaments can be tied to the tips of trees or sit on top of branches, as well as hanging from them.
  • To fill in gaps, and make your tree look beautifully festive, use groups of three gold baubles, rather than just one on the end of each branch. Tie these baubles together with cotton ribbon to keep them perfectly in place.
  • Remember your cherished collection of favorite Christmas decorations. There’s no need to rush out and buy a completely new set, but simply adding a few pieces can bring a new look to life.