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Escort Service - Escorts Chicago


How far in advance should I book a meeting?

All the ladies, besides their escort service work, have regular jobs or school schedules. It is a good idea to book in advance. For same-day appointments, please call the office.

How long are the appointments?

All appointments are based on 1 hour. We encourage multiple hours and offer a discount.

After meeting the lady, can I extend for multiple hours?

Yes, you can always extend your time as long as the lady is available. That is why it’s a good idea just to book 2 hours.

Why do I have to give my real name and accurate information?

Since the safety of the ladies is a matter that we are most concerned with, you must give your full and real name and your city of residence. This information is treated with the utmost discretion.

When I pay with a credit card, how is this handled?

When paying with a credit card, you will be asked to provide the following: A Driver’s License or State-Issued Picture ID, or a Passport. Your ID information must match the credit card and the billing address of the credit card. The credit card must be issued to you and have your name on it. When the lady arrives, she will make an imprint of the card. You will sign the credit card slip and be given a copy.

What if I do not have my credit card with me?

We are unable to make a transaction without the credit card being imprinted and signed.

Do you keep client records?

Absolutely NOT! Once verified, there is no need for us to retain your personal information. All emails are deleted as well.

What if something comes up and I need to cancel my appointment?

We respect your time, and we hope you respect ours as well. We understand that there are things out of your control. But as much notice as possible is always appreciated by all of us.

Helpful Hints

At Your Residence

If you are at your residence. Please turn on the porch and yard lights so the escort can find your house. Coral any enthusiastic dogs for the first few minutes of her arrival.

At Your Hotel Room

If you are leaving your hotel room or residence after you booked the call. To run out for ice, cigarettes or whatever. Please let us know. We might need to reach you while the escort is on her way and if you do not answer we get concerned.

Have Your ID, Cash or Credit Card Ready

The escort will ask for ID when she arrives at your location. When you book the call, the receptionist will tell you what you need to show her. Please have your cash or credit card and ID ready when she arrives.

Be Alone

We asked you when you booked the call with our agency if you were alone. As much as we all would like to believe you. (Trust but verify) The young lady will ask for a tour just to make sure.

How Soon Will She Arrive?

Our escorts are prompt and fast. But it is impossible in a city of this size to have anyone at your door in 20 minutes. The average time is 45 minutes to 60 minutes for her to arrive at your door. It takes me 15 minutes from the time I walk out of my door to get to my car and exit the parking garage. I will not even talk about waiting for the valet to park the car at a hotel. OR walking three blocks to your hotel from the parking lot in very high heels.

Take Care of Business

Whether you pay by cash or credit. The escort has to take care of the paperwork when she arrives. She really must get the business out of the way so you both can relax and enjoy.

Don’t Ask

Please do not ask the escort for her cell phone number. I do not think I need to go into the reasons for that. But if you do not know, please call the office, and we will give you the reasons.


All appointments are based on 1 hour. The escort will be notified when it’s time for her to leave. If you wish to book another hour or 2 while she is there just give the office a call and we will take care of it for you. The escort has to leave when her time is up. For her safety, we do verify that she is either in her car or a cab after she calls to say she is done.

Home or hotel it’s always nice to make sure you have fresh towels for the escort in the bathroom.

It is always nice to offer your escort a beverage. Some of the girls do not drink alcohol when they are working. So please respect their right to ask for water or a soft drink.