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Winter is coming, and Chicago is a great place to be. The lake is beautiful, and everyone is in the Christmas mood. Sometimes it does get a bit cold and snowy, so the Chicago Escort Service girls and I put together a list of fun things to do during a few inches of snow. These fun things to do in the snow will come in handy when your board. Whether we like it or not, the snow will eventually fall and living in Chicago means you cannot avoid it. As we get older, it seems hard to get outside in the cold, but the escorts still will want to play in the snow! The downtown area has a ton of things to do, good and bad. If you’re over 21, you will have no problem with our list.

  1. Hit the local bars. They are all open during snow storms. You will meet all the neighborhood locals who are tanked up by noon. If your downtown in the “fancier” bars the people watching is the best.
  2. Walk out on the lakefront and bundle up. Throw on your snow boots and gear and head out for a healthy walk with your dog. As long is it not too windy, you will be fine.
  3. Have lunch with as many friends as you can find and hit Greektown for the best Greek food.
  4. Have cocktails at any of Chicago’s five-star hotels. The Ritz, Four Season, Peninsula, and the Waldorf all have the most wonderful restaurants and lounge areas.
  5. Cater in lunch and invite your friends over who leave within walking distance. Sit by the fire and chow down and good stories and good friends.
  6. Go outside and build a snowman. When you are done, lay in the snow and make snow angels.
  7. Hit the local sports bars that are famous in Chicago and party with your pals.
  8. Go for a drive in the snow because it gives you a sense of excitement. You never know when you might slide on some ice and feel the adrenaline pumping like crazy.
  9. Hit Rush Street and have a fantastic lunch in any of the restaurants and people watch.
  10. Go to the gym, work out hard and then sit in the sauna for a long while.
  11. Walk to the neighborhood movie theater and watch a good flick.